Eastern Odyssey

At Eastern Odyssey, travel is a state of being. Wherever our feet wander, our sense of curiousity tiptoes right behind them. No matter the number of times we visit the iconic Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, our fascination for its white Makrana marble architecture – an amalgam of British Raj and Mughal styles – remains infectious. The fact that our voices scale an octave higher when detailing the flight patterns of migratory birds is a further affirmation of our passion in everything we do!

Travelling with us isn’t a series of ten-minute stops at each tourist attraction. At Eastern Odyssey, we take the time to immerse you into the history, culture and beauty of a place. This might mean a tête-à-tête with a wildlife conservationist, an invite to a tribal festival, or simply a delightfully humble meal at a homestay. 

Whichever itinerary you choose, there will always be an earnest attempt by Eastern Odyssey to create a long-lasting connection between you and the places you visit, the people you meet, and the experiences you live.

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Why Eastern India?

Eastern India is a wondrous collection of varied cultures, topography, and flora and fauna. Far from Rajasthan’s royal trail and Kerala’s backwaters, this stretch of India prides itself on its sacred rivers, diverse cultures, the lofty Himalayas, exotic tribes, abundant wildlife and birding, and swathes of forests. No two states in Eastern India is the same – share a hot meal with a Konyak tribesman today and, two days later, find yourself marveling at a 13th century Sun Temple. It is this polarity that makes Eastern India such an exciting destination to discover.

Time and again, we emphasise that India is more than just a country; it resembles a mini-continent with many countries – each of which possesses a distinctive culture, language, religion, and topography. To know everything about India is to not know India at all – India is like a never-ending book; the more you read, the more it captivates you.

And Eastern India is its most compelling chapter.

At Eastern Odyssey, our mission is to help you discover the eastern region of India in all its beauty, glory, and flaws. We aim to show travellers the real Eastern India, not industry-manufactured vignettes. We do our best to craft unique experiences that can seldom be duplicated. And most importantly, we, at Eastern Odyssey, are proud of the region we come from and are excited to introduce you to Eastern India.

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